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MLBA Frequently Asked Questions

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Length of treatment time will vary based on the service, but average treatments take an hour or less. Frequency of treatments needed will also vary, depending on your desired results and the treatment plan that’s recommended for you by our practitioners. Consult our services page for more information about your specific treatment timetable, or schedule a free consultation to learn more details about your desired service.The amount of sessions needed to achieve a desired outcome varies depending on the treatment type and many other factors. Consult our services page for more specific parameters of average treatment expectations.

Here at Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics, complimentary consultations are required before treatments are performed. Since we are a physician-led medical aesthetics practice, Dr. Sabatino and his trained staff clear all new patients before treatment. We believe the thoroughness and expertise of a physician help our clinic achieve excellent results while reducing the risks uncovered through our medical clearance process.

No! Our consultations are absolutely free. The length of the consultation depends on what treatment you’re consulting for. We also offer complimentary follow-up appointments.

Our treatments are very affordable with different payment plan options. We offer 12-24 month interest-free financing for most of our treatment plan packages.

We have invested in the least painful, least invasive treatment methods on the market. Some of our lasers may cause slight discomfort, but it’s much more tolerable compared to the older, more invasive methods of tattoo removal, acne treatment, or skin resurfacing. For our more uncomfortable treatments, pain controlling methods such as injection or topical lidocaine may be used in order to allow more comfortable treatments.

The average tattoo removal takes about 8 sessions over the course of 1 year, which is the fastest in the world. Session time will vary based on the size of the tattoo and many other factors. Our office utilizes the Picosure® laser, the leading option for powerful and effective treatments leading to the quickest, most thorough option in the industry.

BOTOX® generally lasts between 3-4 months, at which point you’ll start to notice your lines and wrinkles reverting back to their pretreated appearance. The effects of the procedure are visible within 4 days and maximum results are reached between 10-14 days.

No. Body sculpting is a completely non-invasive treatment that involves using radiofrequency to sculpt unwanted pockets of fat. The treatment itself takes just 15 minutes, is painless and requires no downtime!

Spider veins, much like varicose veins, result from an excess pooling of blood due to vein disease. They are often described as red, blue, or purple marks in the shape of a spider web. With the right combination of technologies, spider veins are treatable.

We use a variety of techniques to treat acne scars. Dr. Sabatino provides a personalized treatment plan based on multiple factors including the type of scarring, tethering, area, depth, and other variables. Our extensive experience and wide selection of techniques/technologies allow for the ultimate custom acne scar treatment plan. Our common acne scar treatments include Radiofrequency Microneedling (RFMN), Laser Resurfacing, TCA CROSS, Subcision, and more.

Contact us using the contact form or call us at 262-345-5304. We will happily answer any questions you have about our procedures. For established patients, Dr. Sabatino provides his personal phone number, after treatment, in case you have further questions.


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