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Double Chin Reduction Services in Brookfield, WI

At Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics, we understand the impact that submental fullness, or a "double chin," can have on one's self-confidence and overall appearance. We can provide a personalized and effective solution to address this common cosmetic concern. Our experienced team will work closely with you to assess your unique needs and guide you through the process of achieving a more sculpted and youthful jawline, without the need for invasive surgery.

Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics in Brookfield, WI

Before & After Double Chin Treatments

Do You Have a Double Chin?

A "double chin," also known as submental fullness, is a common term used to describe the excess layer of fat that can develop beneath the chin and along the neck. It often results in the appearance of a second, or "double," chin, which can affect the overall profile and contour of the face. Submental fullness can be caused by various factors including genetics, aging, weight gain and the natural distribution of fat in the body. Submental fullness is a cosmetic concern for many individuals, but there are options to regain a more defined and youthful jawline.

Discover effective solutions for submental fullness with the choice of either Kybella® or truSculpt® treatments. Kybella injections, containing a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, target and break down fat cells beneath the chin, resulting in a contoured jawline. On the other hand, truSculpt utilizes advanced radiofrequency technology for precise fat reduction and skin tightening in the submental area. Choose between the convenience of Kybella's non-surgical injections or the innovative approach of truSculpt for a more sculpted and rejuvenated appearance. Explore the options and say goodbye to your double chin, welcoming a slimmer and more confident you.

Kybella Treatment for Submental Fullness

Kybella is a series of small injections designed to melt the fat under the chin and jawline area. It is safe to use with all skin types. The number of treatments ranges, with several months in between sessions, until the desired results are achieved. There is no downtime, although some noticeable healing is expected in the short term. Treatment appointments last 1 hour.

Purpose Reduces fat around the jawline and under the chin
Appointment length 1 hour
Time between appointments Several months, to reassess if another treatment is needed
Downtime None, but some healing is expected
Payment plan eligible? No

Benefits of Treating Your Double Chin with Kybella

  • Non-Surgical Solution Kybella is a non-surgical treatment, eliminating the need for invasive procedures like liposuction.
  • Targeted Fat Reduction Kybella is specifically designed to target and reduce excess fat beneath the chin, effectively treating submental fullness.
  • Customized Treatment Kybella treatments are tailored to the individual's needs, ensuring a personalized approach for optimal results.
  • Minimally Invasive Kybella injections are minimally invasive, involving a series of small injections into the treatment area.
  • No Downtime Patients can typically resume their daily activities immediately after a Kybella treatment, as it requires minimal downtime.
  • Permanently Destroys Fat Cells Kybella destroys fat cells in the treated area, providing long-lasting results.
  • Improved Jawline Definition By reducing submental fullness, Kybella enhances the appearance of the jawline, creating a more contoured and youthful profile. 
  • Natural-Looking Results Kybella results in a natural-looking and gradual improvement in the treated area.
  • High Patient Satisfaction Many patients report high satisfaction with Kybella treatments and are pleased with the outcome.

truSculpt Treatment for Submental Fullness

truSculpt is emerging as a cutting-edge solution for addressing submental fullness. This non-invasive treatment employs innovative radiofrequency technology to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells in the submental area. truSculpt's precision allows for effective contouring, resulting in a more defined and sculpted jawline. With its quick and comfortable procedure, truSculpt offers individuals a convenient way to achieve a more streamlined and harmonious facial profile, boosting confidence and promoting a refreshed appearance.

Purpose Utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to target and reduce stubborn fat deposits
Appointment length 60 minutes (including set-up)
Time between appointments Every 3 months between truSculpt treatments
Downtime None
Payment plan eligible? Yes

Benefits of Treating Your Double Chin with truSculpt

  • Non-Invasive Solution truSculpt is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, that provides an alternative to more invasive procedures for reducing submental fullness.
  • Precision The technology used in truSculpt allows for precise targeting of fat cells in the submental area, ensuring effective and controlled results.
  • Collagen Stimulation truSculpt not only eliminates fat cells but also stimulates collagen production, promoting skin tightening and enhancing overall facial contours.
  • Quick and Comfortable The procedure is quick, usually taking less than an hour and is generally well-tolerated by patients, offering convenience and minimal discomfort.
  • No Downtime truSculpt typically requires no downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment.
  • Natural-Looking Results truSculpt provides natural-looking results, gradually improving the appearance of the jawline and reducing the prominence of submental fullness over time.

Preserve Your Incredible Treatment Results

Maintaining a healthy weight & lifestyle are paramount for preserving the exceptional results achieved through Kybella or truSculpt treatments. At Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics, we understand the significance of comprehensive care, which is why we offer our powerful nutrition counseling and weight loss services. Preventing weight gain not only enhances the longevity of your treatment outcomes, it also contributes to your overall well-being. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you on your weight management journey, ensuring that you achieve and sustain the best possible results from your double chin treatments. Prioritize your health and aesthetic goals with our supportive services designed to empower you on your wellness journey.

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