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 in just 30 minutes!

hydrafacial milwaukee


HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin resurfacing and rejuvenating treatment that makes your skin smoother, softer & more hydrated instantly! The spiral design on the HydroPeel® tips used in each treatment provide multiple abrasive edges to more evenly exfoliate the skin and create a vortex effect that will easily dislodge and remove excess dirt, oil, debris, and pollution from skin while simultaneously introducing hydrating solutions and antioxidants. 

Leave your skin healthy and glowing

Perfect for vacations, weddings, holidays, and any other special occasion!

milwaukee spa facials

The Best Spa Facial for a Wedding Day Glow

spa day for brides

cleanse & Exfoliate

Your treatment starts by gently exfoliating dead skin cells to allow the next levels of treatment to affect your healthy, new skin. Simultaneously, a serum containing lactic acid, glucosamine and many botanical extracts is delivered deeply to cleanse and nourish the skin. Effortless extractions help remove blackheads and draw out impurities in congested areas.


A cocktail of hydrating hyaluronic acid and the most advanced, powerful antioxidants, peptides and multi-peptides replenish the skin and provide essential nourishment, leaving it hydrated and at optimum skin health.


A gentle glycolic and salicylic solution, along with vortex suction, helps loosen debris from your pores while brightening the appearance of the skin.


Red and infrared LED light can be used to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen. The light also supports the natural production of vitamin D, leaving your skin glowing.

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