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tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal

Let PicoSure naturally remove tattoos from your body with NO downtime.

We are proud to use the PicoSure Laser for our tattoo removal. This technology is a game-changer in the tattoo removal industry. It is the most advanced tattoo removal system on the market.

It targets any style of tattoo, with varying pigmentation and tone, while minimizing discomfort, and dramatically reducing the risk of scarring and number of treatments.

As part of our process, we design a treatment plan that is designed specifically for your own skin tone, composition and age of tattoos.

tattoo removal picosure
Our PicoSure Laser dissolves ink into finer particles, with less discomfort than a
Q-Switch Laser and accomplishes faster ink absorption, fewer treatments and a more thorough removal.

Benefits of being treated with PicoSure:

  • Safe and highly effective

  • Little or no side effects

  • Removes difficult colors

  • Requires less treatment sessions

  • Minimal injury to surrounding skin

Before & After
milwaukee tattoo removal before after
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